Strategy reagarding component library

QSpice is an amazing piece of software.

I have a question regarding the component library.
I can track down my relevant component spice model and paste it into the model, but once I have set up a working symbol and prepared everything for myself, it would be nice if I could contribute to the main library of QSpice with this model. Is it possible or what is the future strategy here?


Hi Jonas,

Thanks for your kind words!

Since I’m not 100% sure about your question, I will offer two answers, one of which I hope is what you’re looking for:

  1. If you wish to add devices to your QSPICE installation, you may right-click on the “Symbols & IP” top-level menu in the Symbol & IP Browser (use F2 to open this window if it’s not already open). From there, you may select a folder to add to the menu. It will persist across restarts of the program.

  2. We will be adding a section to the forum where users can post models and schematics for discussion.


Thank you for your answer Jeff,
This was what I was looking for.

Is it possible to create a symbol folder outside of the QSpice path?
Meaning, I want symbols in a separate folder from the QSpice installed path.

Yes, you can add a symbol folder outside of the QSPICE path by following my directions to Jonas (above). You’re not limited to storing symbols within the QSPICE path.

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How about the output data folder? Is it possible to save schematics and output files in separate folders?

For LTSpice, I use “Microsoft OneDrive” to share my schematics between two PCs, and a local SSD to save output files. Indeed, I could share schematics by setting a local drive as a shared drive, but using “OneDrive” is more convenient for backing up files.


I’m going to have to let Mike comment on that one! Great question.

The only time QSPICE writes to a different folder is if you are running a schematic from a directory without write permission, like running an example in C:\Program Files\QSPICE.

That choice was made because I figured no one is spinning platters any more.

Didn’t anticipate OneDrive, which I never use as well as any cloud based anything.


I figured no one is spinning platters any more.

That is an extremely bad assumption.

Though SSD is common in new computers, lots of frugal people continue to use old HDD-based computers, also some desktop users have a 2nd or 3rd high-capacity HDD inside their computer, as well as external USB drives too. Seagate is currently sampling 30 TB hard drives plus road maps up to 50 TB, thus spinning platters is far from dead both now and years from now.

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No biggie. Doesn’t change the design for QSPICE. If you spin patters, I/O is just slow. Still likely faster than the cloud – unless you put old disks in a new computer, maybe.

But in any case, in prior art, I was backward looking, wanting my software to be able to run on any old computer. I no longer get the point. QSPICE is forward looking. It’s for today’s computers and isn’t obsolete the day it is released.