Strange output from running .meas xx four 1K v(x)?

Strange output from running .meas xx four 1K v(x)? Maybe you should output the amplitude first and then the phase. And a question with the sign of the amplitude.

The output is Cartesian coordinates, (real, imag).

What does that have to do with (real, imag). This is not an AC analysis. It’s a TRAN analysis. I’d prefer (amplitude, phase).

.four is computing the Fourier component, which is complex.

I tried using .meas H1 Four … , .meas H2 Four … and .meas H3 Four … to get the amplitudes and then plot the amplitudes.
But as it turns out this feature is missing. Using .meas X Four is useless! I will not use this “program feature” anymore.

checking .meas with four and saw this post.
Fourier component is complex in mathematic, and its amplitude can be calculated with abs(xx).
So, by adding .meas |xx| abs(xx) should calculate amplitude. Is this what you are looking for?

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