STM32 recommendations

I have some custom DW1004c modules that I am making, but it turns out that the stm32l041g6u6str is a bit hard to come by. It is sold out everywhere I have looked. I would be interested to know if someone has a good recommendation for a newer controller that is consistently in stock, but still has basically the same exact features if possible. Thanks!

This is a global issue, we are being quoted 50+ week lead times on parts. Right now there is no such thing as a part that is “consistently in stock”. Generally the only parts that are available easily right now are versions that few people use, either because they are an unusual footprint or are missing features that just about everyone uses. The problem is that if hardly anyone is using them then once that supply is used up it’s going to be at the back of the line at the manufacturing plants.
Your best bet is to design for flexibility, use a footprint that lots of parts are available in and then write the code to only use features that are common to all the parts. That way you can use anything that is available even if it costs more than the ideal part. I have even seen BGA footprints places inside QFP footprints such that either version of a part can be fitted.

Hi Andy, that is an interesting response, and if you are correct than that sounds like reasonable advice. I did hear something like that, however I just searched on digikey and there are actually 1000s of STM32 microcontrollers ready and available. Therefore, I think my question is still open for specific recommendations on replacements. Was hoping to save some time researching all the stm32 controllers if anyone has one in mind. Could be helpful for others too. Is Decawave still relying on the stm32l041g6u6str with non-existent stock online?

I think I am actually going to switch to the nrf52832 for those who might be wondering as they are abundant in stock. I was also considering STML05.