Step simulation and cursors

Is there any way to understand which specific “step” waveform I’m seeing or cursoring in a stepped simulation? The “help” tells you how to move among step waveforms with cursors, but not how to identify them.
Is it possible to hide the cursors once you have make them visible? Sometimes you want to remove additional lines and graphic objects like cursors from the screen, to improve readability.


If you point at the cursor, or one of its red cursor readouts, the information is on the “Status Bar” that part of the frame along the bottom of the window.

To remove a cursor, point at it as above, and press the “DEL” key.

Thanks Mike!
Deleting the cursor just pressing “DEL” was so simple that I didn’t try…sorry!

About the “step” information in the status bar: yes, easy to see the step number, but actually you don’t know the parameter values. Especially in multiple nested stepped simulations, you just see the progressive step number, but you don’t know what is referring to. It would be nice to have it showed in the status bar.


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I have the same feedback. It would be even better if in further developments there will be sort of a “Results Browser” in which for each plot window the results:
-could be added/removed, shown/hidden, etc…
-had a paramete(s) attribute.
-recall the color they have in the window

Last but not least, it would be really cool if data belonging to the same step had the same color in all windows.

Something like this ?
Or it’s maybe too much…