Static Power Consumption of DWM1001 Module


I wanted use DWM1001 for RTLS application. But the tag power consumption must be pretty low for using this.
I have measured the static power consumption as above 16mA. This will be very critical if it consumes this much high power. Is there any sleep modes implemented in PANS library or if so how to make use of them. Also How to reduce the static consumption down to < 1 mA or so. Other wise the tag will be bulky with huge battery. It is not practicable.

Kindly advise on Power saving modes of TAGs with DWM1001 Modules.


Hi Stalin,

The DWM1001 has a low power (lp) mode for tags. In shell command,

  1. for simple setup, use ‘nmtl’, or
  2. use ‘acts’ command and set <low_pwr> bit to 1, followed by a ‘reset’

The sleeping current of this mode should fulfill your demand.

For further reduction of Tag power consumption, you can use ‘aurs’ command to reduce the update rate so the Tag doesn’t communicate with the network too often, and thus, can live even longer.


Hi @Weibo_Pan,
I couldent use acts with R2 !
when I put
acts 00110100
for example it giv me again Usage : acts <> … etc
not err code: 0
also i make reset but nothing change !

Maybe put in spaces between each parameter number and try again?

Hi @Weibo_Pan,
thank you so much, it is okay now,
do you know anything else could reduce power consumption, please ?
I put every thing 0 but loc_eng = 1 and uwb = 2


If you want to reduce the power of a tag, in the settings, you can turn off and , while in the meantime, turn on <stnry_en> and <low_pwr>. Then setup the update rate with command “aurs”. After successfully configured the device, you need to issue a reset to make the tag configs take effect.

After the reset, if you would like the device to stay in low_power mode, please don’t enter shell mode. Just leave the tag running in low_power mode will be OK. Of course if you’d like to enter shell mode, just remember to run “quit” after your operations. This “quit” will kill the shell thread and put the device back into low_power mode.


Hi @Weibo_Pan,
thanks for replay, I did this all, i put the update rate 1 S just for normal and stationary, also in low_pwr mode,
but the tag take around 30 H on with 350mA, but it should stay a lot of more than this depend on power consumption calculator tool from Decawave.

also i dont feel that the tag go to deep sleep mod ! it always on !


If you want to do a battery lifetime test on DWM1001, you may need to disconnect the SEGGER part on the board. i.e. open solder bridge J16 (and others if necessary, see the schematics for your reference). Otherwise your battery would be supplying both the downloader chip and the DWM1001 module.


Hi @Weibo_Pan
thank you ,
so there is no way to do this using software (shell command )! i need to unsolder the SEGGER jumpers physically , right?

Hi abd,

Yes I’m fraid. The battery lifetime estimator can do a rough calculation. This can be enough for an estimation purpose.


Hi Stalin,
How did you measure the power consumption?