Starting with QM33120WDK1

Hello everyone! This is my first time working with UWB, and I wanted to ask where can I find sample codes for sending and receiving packets. I’m pretty new in this, but I can’t find the right resourses to start right.

Note: I have already installed SEGGER embedded studio, and I have the Qorvo SDK.
Thank you!

Hello @youssef ,

This is the webpage for the QM33120WDK1 QM33120WDK1 - Qorvo

And in the same page you can find the SDK package here

I’ve downloaded the SDK package before, and obtained Qorvo One. However, the Qorvo One App is not detecting my boards, and when I download the code on the devices, I am not really sure how to display the output, even though the documentation mentions the CLI.

CLI is for Command line interface. With this build you can type command via a serial interface to launch a fira application, change uwb configuration, go in continuous frame mode,etc …

However, when using Qorvo one you’ll need the UCI build.

For the CLI, the issue has been resolved. I was using Linux, but the software used to connect to the serial port was for Windows. I’m sure that there is some other compatible software/ method to do this using Linux.
Thank you for your help. I will try to use the UCI build now.

Is it possible to have both UCI and CLI builds on one device, or do they overwrite each other?

No it’s not possible to have both of them on the same device. You need either to use UCI or CLI build.

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