ST Microcontroller usage with DWS1000

We want to implement real time locating system with Decawave DWS1000 UWB Transceiver module using TDoA localization algorithm. Initially we wanted to use Arduino UNO with DWS1000 but later we found out that 8-bit MCUs has some issue when interfacing with DWS1000. Can you guys please confirm the authenticity of my observations and if we use ST Nucleo F429ZI development board, can we achieve TDoA communication, where as with Arduino it’s only point to point communication.

Hi Dicit,

Indeed implementing a TDoA system on a 8 bit MCU will be challenging.

The ST Nucleo F429ZI is a good candidate, it’s actually the kit we were using for our (now deprecated) TTK1000 TDoA kit.

Note there is an effort at FiRa to standardize TDoA so you may want to explore this as well, as developping a TDoA system from scratch can be challenging.

Kind regards