Ss_twr_init won't build

I can’t get ss_twr_init to build in SES. I tried following general directions on Nordic Semiconductor’s website for importing Keil projects without any success. Does anyone have suggestions for successfully building ss_twr_init using SES and MDEK?

Hi Cormac,

What build error do you have ? The project should build with segger embedded, have you downloaded the required library and did you check if the source files path are aligned with the path the project file ?

Thank you,

It was a missing library as you mentioned. Thanks!

I can’t seem to get it working again and have checked all the libraries multiple times as well as started from scratch. Any recommendations? It is not finding the output files. I was able to manually create the .o output files, but not the .elf files. These keep getting deleted when I try to build.

Side Note: I think a video of starting from scratch in SES through building a project would be very helpful for new Decawave users like myself.