SS TWR example - viewing serial terminal on SES?


I am trying to run the TWR example on Decawave’s Github. I have one DWM1001-DEV running the initiator code, and one running the responder code. The README for the Github says that “The initiator will send a frame, wait for the response from the receiver, calculate the distance and output it on the UART (can be observed on a serial terminal)

How can I observe the output on the serial terminal? I am using SEGGER Embedded Studio.


Haven’t it done it for this particular example but the dwmsimple example points you to shell mode. Check user guide or
Google “serial console terminal” and connect to your device at 115200buadrate (press Enter twice)

I think @hxnri is not referring to PANS but to basic TWR examples from Decawave.


@leapslabs I am indeed talking about the basic TWR examples from Decawave! @Groowla’s advice to check out the user guide was still helpful.

I ended up being able to download minicom to my Mac via Homebrew and followed the instructions in the user guide. Thank you both for your help!