Spice models fail whenever I add string attributes to describe terminals

Hi I followed Mike’s Youtube video on how to add 3rd party SPICE models to QSPICE I actually followed everyone of his instructions but whenever I place string attributes to show the pin or terminal info and bring it into my schematic when I do a simulation I get a “Fatal error: Unknown subckt” However if I remove the text and bring back the symbol the simulation runs fine??? What am I doing wrong ??
I have attached a screen capture of the simulations and the spice file

This is a step-by-step instruction based on MC651 as an example for autogenerated symbol with user re-arrangement. This process should not involve changing string attributes. May be it can help you to figure out which step in your procedure causing you problem.


Thank you so much with your help with this problem and I followed your steps and was able to get it to work. I found a difference which is what was causing this. On Mikes video, he shows when editing the terminals that you should not change them, just make them non visible and then assigning the correct text attribute to them however in your case you are actually changing the terminal text to what you want, i.e, terminal 1 (non inverting input) you change the 1 to a + and so on. So either I misunderstood Mike’s video or I did not follow his explanation, but now I understand based on your explanation how to do it and it works.

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I believe you are referring to this video. Mike changed text attribute to comment at 09:34. The next text in video is copy and paste, therefore, comment property remains. I think if you include this step, your symbol should work well.

Importing 3rd Party Models into QSPICE - Qorvo