SPI communication with DWM1001 and RM69090(Dispaly controller of TT178ERN10A AMOLED display)

I am trying to interface nrf52832 processor within the DWM1001 with RM69090 (Display controller of AMOLED display ) through SPI communication protocol.
RM69090 supports SPI or MIPI communication protocol. From the data sheet of DWM1001 nrf52832 is already taken as master to communicate with UWB transceiver, we requires nrf52832 as master for communication with RM69090. We couldn’t program RM69090 directly. Is there any solution for this problem.

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Hi @shahas
this is more related to NRF52832 support. From the specs nRF52832 it supports up to 3x SPI master/slave with EasyDMA so you should be able to connect your display.