Speed showdown of Qspice for complex power supply simulation

Hi All,

First, thanks Mike Engelhardt with the team and also to Qorvo for this incredible simulator.

I have been making a simulation for a totem pole PFC with digital control.

I used a C-block to simulate the discrete controller as well as the detail PWM timing that mimic the TI-C2000 pwm block behavior (its not as simple as duty>carrier) including the deadtime and some additional gating logic that I will implement on the real circuit.

Additionally, C-block is used to carefully calculate the next timestep by making a simple timestep estimation algorithm and also modifying the Trunc() block.

The result is, 2 sec simulation time that is completed in 27sec for a switching PFC with Fsw = 65kHz. Which I think is very impressive as it is comparable (if not faster) than PSIM/PLECs…
*unfortunately I cant confirm the speed in those simulator as I dont have license for them.

*sorry, I cant upload the whole simulation file as it is related to my work in my company…


Full simulation waveform

Deadtime waveform

Deadtime effect at current zero crossing


That is very impressive! Please feel free to share that news with the TI C2000 team. We’d love to work with them to implement their parts in C++.


I dont think more detailed implementation of TI MCU is necessary, it shouldnot improve the accuracy any further.

It would be great if you can share the simulation file.