Source Code License Question

Hello togehter,

I saw that you published a zip with all sources (Android as well as embedded) for your new MDEK1001 module. In each source header is the following copyright restriction:

[/color][color=#808080] * LEAPS - Low Energy Accurate Positioning System.
[/color][color=#808080] *
[/color][color=#808080] * Copyright © 2016-2017, LEAPS. All rights reserved.
[/color][color=#808080] */[/color][/font][/size][/color]

My questions are: Which terms of usage do you define for this source code? Is it possible to use the code or parts of it in own commercial projects? If yes, could you also choose an appropriate software license for it? Maybe Apache, BSD, MIT, etc?

Thanks for your help and best regards


Hi Grait,

Please refer to the disclaimer file “disclaimer_and_licences” in the zip as it applies to all the software in the package, android source code included.

Thank you,