Some advice please

Hello everyone,

Thank you for your patience with my questions, but I am making some great progress and have finally managed to build a gateway that actually works (after salvaging from the soldering mess I made last week).

There are three questions I have please:

  1. Please look at the pictures below (please zoom in as the pics are quite high res) and let me know if I need to clean the PCB board? I used quite a bit of flux but do I need to clean it up, and if so what is the best and safest method to do this for someone who has not done this before? Any tips or methods would be appreciated. Personally, I would prefer to leave it as is, if possible, as it’s working and don’t want to disrupt any connections.

  2. On the header pins for the DWM1001 development board which are the main critical pins for the working of the gateway and which ones are not used? I looked at the data sheet but I’m quite new to this so not exactly sure which ones are required or not. This would be useful to know when soldering, as I expect I will be doing another one at some point.

  3. Is there any diagnostics software I could run to check if all the pins one the dev board are connected to the Raspberry Pi and working correctly? The gateway works but it would be great if there was some utility or diagnostics software to check the pin connections.

Thank you for your help.


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