Softwares for simulation of the Decawave products

Hey everyone,

I was wondering if anyone could suggest me softwares that I could use to simulate the Decawave products (like DW1000 and DWM1001-DEV) for a Real Time Location System (RTLS). Also, would really appreciate if you could provide some simulation examples.

I have commercial software (not free) that I developed that works well with MDEK1001.
It is still in beta…
Let me know if you are interested…

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Awesome. Yes, I’d like to know more about it.

Oh wait, I just looked at the pricing for your software. As a college student, it is not something i can afford. Sorry :confused:


MDEK is delivered with PANS, for which we don’t provide source file but it can implement a RTLS network very easily. Have you tried it ?

You can also have a look at the mynewt stack:


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