Softwares for DWM1001

I am using DWM1001 module. I have a linux machine. Is it possible to download mentioned softwares on that machine rather than using the Virtual Box image?

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Hi Hanish,

Yes it is theoretically possible, you will have to replicate the work environment of the virtual machine to your native linux machine.

We currently don’t provide a guide to port the environment, so there is a bit of exploration required to find what must exactly be done.


Hi Yves,

Does the DWM1001 module only works on Linux environment or can I use Windows OS by installing all the required softwares?

Also, Is there any code base where I can get reference examples for DWM1001?


Hi Hanish,

I assume you are using the DWM1001-dev.

The firmware you will find on the virtual box allow to customized the PANS software. We are basically providing a fully working development work environment so we limit the support regarding installation of third part software.

If you work on windows, we have some simple examples on git:

Please note those example are very basic, and much more simple than “PANS”, but they will allow you to flash a DWM1001 device and start playing with it.


Thanks for your help Yves