Software training program

Hello my name is Luis, we started to work in a project using Decawave DW1000 few months ago. We would like to know if there is any training program that Decawave or any other offers to train programmers?

many thanks,

Luis Hernandez

Hi Luis,
We have no training program as in such, but we have this support forum to support customers if they run into trouble or have other questions. Other then this forum we also have a library of documents (dataheets, User manuals, Application notes etcc) which are aimed for customers to help them with their R&D.

You’re using DW1000 for some time, So I take it you’ve made progress. Did you run into problems?

Hi Leo,

Thanks for your reply, actually so far we are not facing a problem yet, we are using TDoA method for the location of a tag, performing the multilateration on the TAG. The anchor are installed at 15 feets of distance eachother and we are wondering what if the anchors be 1 foot apart of distance? will that work?, we tried but seems it is not working so well, but we are not sure if it is because a software issue or a physics issue, or if we should perform the Multilateration on the anchors, etc.

We would like to have only if it is possible an special support. Not sure if exist this type of service. The schedule for this project it is really tight, so we would like to have time of responses really shorts.

Do you have any suggestion?

Thanks in advance,