So, the DWM1001 only works for Line of Sight (LoS) applications?

Hi there,

as noticed from other members, I only archive an indoor range of appx. 6-7 meters too, while moving and changing rooms.

Does your UWB technology works only for Line of Sight applications where no stationary objects are allowed to be in between transmitter and receiver,
like walls, people, etc…?

Even being very close (1 meter) while wrapping my hand around the DMW1001 module, I lose connection.

How can this technology be used for indoor location and navigation applications, where tags are supposed to move between rooms?

Am I missing something?



Hello Peter,

The UWB technology is very sensitive to LOS condition, similarly to BLE for example. Disrupting the LOS will effectively have a strong impact on the performance.

Within a RTLS sheme with multiple anchors, it is fairly unlikely that the tag will have LOS issue with all the anchors at the same time. In the example of a tag attached to a person, typically, the body should shield the LOS to only 1 anchors, rarely 2. Other anchors should be able to communicate with the tag.

If you want to deploy a RTLS network within multiple rooms separated by thick walls (concrete walls typically), then each room need to have it’s own anchors. In some building with very large open space, such as airport, train station, warehouse, you usually don’t have so many walls and then the number of anchors can be less.

The 6-7 meters figure is very low. In a room with good LOS, you should be able to achieve 25 meters easily.

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