SNIFF_ONT user-manual 2.15 inconsistent

There appears to be an inconsistency about the description of SNIFF_ONT register in the 2.15 user manual.

In the 4.5.1 SNIFF mode chapter, there is written than 1 is automatically added to a SNIFF_ONT value. And your example there talks about writing 1 into SNIFF_ONT instead of 2.

But in the register map 7.2.30 Register file: 0x1D – SNIFF Mode there is nothing about it adding one and your example there for 50/50 duty cycle doesn’t use PAC value decreased by one.

Hi Kamtar,

Thanks for letting us know. We will investigate this and come back.
But am I correct to assume that you have no issues?


Yes, no issues. Just got confused by it for a while.