? SMPS-Flop-Complete?

This built-in model looks like a current mode controller.
Is there a description of this model? FCB is the voltage feedback pin I think, but what’s the reference? and what is T and B pins?

From Symbol Properites, this is ¥-Device, type PS-FLOP
In Qspice Help, you can find its detail from ¥-Device Power Supply Flip flop
Qspice has an example which you can find from File > Open Demo > SMPS.qsch

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To confirm, the Vcomp in is intended to be the output of my error amplifier?

Look at demo circuit. Yes, Vcomp is connected to error amp.

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I agree with @ivan1 that Vcomp is the VERR, which represents the error voltage. However, Qspice does not offer a circuit implementation for this ¥-Device. Even if it did, there would be no way to probe its internal signal.

What type of current mode control are you seeking? Would you be open to constructing the control circuit in a manner that allows you to probe all control signals?

I just wanted a basic peak-current-mode control block. I just made one myself with a comparator and an SR latch. I still need to figure out a better way to implement a saw tooth to do slope compensation. This example below doesn’t work that great, I don’t have good luck using the generic op-amp as a comparator. I need to find the time to get back to this model and make it work a bit better.

Check this schematics and TI document.

CMC.qsch (19.6 KB)

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I stumbled on KSKelvin’s github and found an ideal comparator, this circuit is working now.

@ChrisHew I built this ideal comparator symbol before I realize Qspice have a built-in comparator model. Here is a reference link for your reference.

If you need an even simpler comparator …

You can do it with switch element…

Thanks, that works as well.