Sleeping Anchor - DWM1001-DEV Board

I am trying to create a 3 anchor, 1 tag system in which the anchors draw extremely low current, on the order of an average of 50 uA. This seems to be the opposite of what most system creators are attempting.

I have unsoldered the following list of jumpers on the DWM1001-DEV board:


The tag refresh rates are set to 1 minute. The ranging function still works but, as expected, updates slowly.

The best that I can do is about an average of 18 ma. I also have put my phone in airplane mode to insure that the bluetooth was not keeping the anchor awake.
As you can tell, I am attempting to use the DEV board without any code development work.


The anchors will always have DW1000 running, when not using the radio it will be in IDLE, as the DW1000 clock is used to keep anchor timings in sync. Thus, as DW1000 IDLE current is about 15 mA, you’ll never be able to go below this. There is no other way, unless you redevelop the SW yourself to make anchors do something else.

I appreciate the feedback.

In the DWM1001 System Overview, it looks like the anchor activity is built around the 100 ms superframe. Figure 6 implies that the frames are back to back. I am wondering if anchor could sleep after each frame, wake up via the real time clock that has been synced to the initiator, and then sleep again. This would require a means to tell the anchors how long to sleep after syncing the clocks. Joining a network would include the new anchor learning the sleep pattern through almanac messages.

More reading required on my end.