Simulating TI LM5164: Timestep too small error

Getting Timestep too small error while simulating TI LM5164 unencrypted P spice transient model downloaded from below link:

That model is tuned to PSpice. It is possible to tune a model so that it only runs well in one simulator, not that I know that it runs well in PSpice.

I can get it to run in QSPICE by putting some capacitance on the SW node and damping the inductor in the interest of making it a more physical representation of a real circuit. Also, I loosened trtol to match PSpice. At least it’s then possible to get a signal out of the model now if I also lighten the load so less simulation time is required. It takes one minute to run on my machine. If I were to author a model for this switcher, it’d run in a couple seconds as one can surmise from looking at the SMPS examples that are included with QSPICE.

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Thank You Mike! It worked.