Simple_rx example - DWM3000EVB - nRF52840DK


i try to run the simple rx and tx examples and i have got multiple problems right at the start.

Im using a Qorvo DWS3000EVB on the Nordic nRF52840DK with Segger Embedded Studio 6.34a and J-Link 7.80.

I followed the instructions but when i first tried to build, i got lot of failures of missing headers and paths.

So i added them by myself. Now i can Build the examples succesfully.
One Board with the simple rx and one with the simple tx.

Now, if i want the data, ToF and all the Information for ranging, i have to read the registers. Correct?
So i need to debug via Segger embedded studio or can i use the J-Link RTT-Viewer as well?

If i try to debug, the session stops because of the HardFault_Handler.

I could press start again and it seems like it runs, but i think should get something on the debug Terminal!?

Same with the RTT Viewer.

I really don´t know exactly how i get those transmitting and receiving information, which i need for ranging.

Any Help would be great, Thanks.


Hi @Platinumer ,

Can you share the code you’ve added to get the TOF and ranging information which led you to the HardFault_Handler ?

Hello Wassim,

i didn´t change the code for the ToF messurement.

I just had to add some #includes and path´s to succesfully build the „simple_rx“ example with the SEGGER Embedded Studio.

But i tried it with the nRF52DK Board, instead of the nRF52840DK.

Could you confirm, that the examples and the communication with the two Ranging programs (DecaRanging and DecaPDOARTLS) won´t work with the nRF52DK?

Just with the nRF52840DK.

Hello @Platinumer,

Yes, they will not work with nRF52DK. It will work only with nRF52840DK