SIMPLE DWM 1001c Tag

This question has been asked and answered a couple of times but I can’t seem to find anything current.

I’m trying to make a lightweight (footprint and battery usage) tag. The PANs firmware and default behaviour is sufficient for what I’m doing at the moment.

All I need then is a tag that can:

  1. Be flashed with the PANS 2 firmware (could be one-time)
  2. Be powered. (Not sure if a regulating circuit is needed if I already have a 3.3v supply?)

My understanding from the schematics is that the PCB I need is just the dwm1001c with a couple of grounded pins and a power connector?

It looks like there were some community efforts in the past to get something like this, but none of them still seem active.

Any advice on where to look or who could make this for me?

Hi @asmi242
yes, for the functionality you just need to connect GND and 3.3V - you dont need any additional regulator unless it not so noisy (not easy to determine, but typically this is OK).


Thanks for the response. I understand it’s possible to modify the dwm1001_dev board and use it to flash modules. Is there a connector with the correct footprint for this?

Hi @asmi242
the dwm1001_dev is a development kit and it is not allowed to use it as a programmer for any external devices. You can use it only for programming onboard DWM1001.