Simple.c examble location measurement

Hi, I have 5 dwm1001-dev boards and trying to play with them a little to understand how they work. I could download the android apk and configure the network and all and can take location measurement but the problem is when I try to download the simple.c code and get it running in ses. For some reason I don’t get any location measurement after downloading the code. I could in the beginning but not anymore and I dont know why. I looked at some topics but I got no answers from any of them.

In the example code I have dwm_user_start that later goes to thread_app_entry then to on_dwm_evt (the on_dwm_evt method is inside a while lopp) which have a switchcase, I can se with printf that the code goes into the switch case and join the network but for some reason it goes out of the loop and nothing can happen after that. I also used the command shell from ses and used the la command and can se the connected anchors (not the tag) but cant use les or lec. Can anyone please explain what is happning and why I cant see the loop running or why I dont get any measurement anymore?
I did not change anything in the code!

problem solved, I can see measurement when I configure the node to tag with nmt or nmlt in shell mode. but I can still not get the position from from les or lec commands.