Shortage of DWM1001 in the world. please help!

Does anyone knows where I can find stock of DWM1001 module?
We develop a product for COVID-19 protection that requires this module. All ready to go, lots and lots of demand and no sight of this modules in the entire world!!
Is this module being manufactured at the moment? How long it takes to replenish the stocks. we are desperate.
Please help!

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Symmetry (on Octopart) says they have 10,769 of DWM1001C. My guess is that they will be cleaned out shortly if that stock isn’t already allocated.

DigiKey has no stock and says lead time is 12 weeks, August 2020.

You aren’t the only one suffering this issue.

The DWM1001C supply chain simply can’t scale overnight to the demand this crisis is generating.

One of Decawave’s decisions will be how many modules to make today given it is really hard to forecast demand 3 to 6 months from now, especially if that demand is mostly driven by a crisis which may abate significantly, or get much worse.

It is like the hot toy for Christmas. You either made too few, or you made too many.

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Octopart indicates the stock at Symmetry is gone.

We’ve noticed some electronic part shortages generally. Some parts are available, others are getting scarce, and there’s no particular pattern to which ones are which. How the shutdowns over COVID are disrupting the supply chain is becoming more evident now. Just like toilet paper, some of this is simply caused by panic buying as customers decide to stock up on parts to assure supply.

Mike Ciholas, President, Ciholas, Inc
3700 Bell Road, Newburgh, IN 47630 USA
+1 812 962 9408


Could someone from Decawave give me/us some reassurance about the supply of the DWM1001c module. This has been out of stock for some time and Digikey has moved it to ‘non-stock’. I am concerned this is something other than COVID and perhaps a strategic decision by Qorvo driven by greater forces.

Our world still keeps on spinning and for a technology company like us who has made a desision to go with Decawave technology, i am keen to understand if we need to re-think this decision.

Please provide some explaination and logical reassurance that this unit will be back on our shelves soon.

Thank you


I made similar question while ago. Now I know the answer.
Yes this shortage is COVID related because this modules are ideal to use in devices for safe distance alarming to minimise the risk of contagium.
Some companies are using it at thousands due to the big demand on that safe distance assistances.
I’m afraid that the only thing you can do for now is wait until that demand slows a bit or make an order of many thousands directly from Decawave so you will be in the line to get your hands on them.
DWM1001C are wonderful modules and a good choice. Hope you get them soon.