Setting a pointer at some location in the grid view

I have been using the Decawave UWB device DWM 1001 and also the android app provided by Decawave. Since I was interested in making some changes but got stuck at some point.

My concern is, I want to set a pointer at the some point in the grid inside the network of Anchors. Tried many ways but couldn’t succeed. Please help me in achieving this.


Please provide more details of what you are trying to do. Are you trying to modify the Android App in some way, to support a new feature? Note, the provided application is just a demo app, if you need to add extra features then you will need to develop these yourself.

Thanks for the reply Zoran. Just to clearify it further, I want to modify the app and here is what my requirement is:
There is a grid fragment in the app where the actual position of tags and anchors are shown. In the same manner and in the same fragment I want to show a location tag similiar to as shown in Google map.
Since I have the coordinates of the grid, can I place a pointer / tag at a given coordinate? If yes, please guide me how to accomplish the same.