Hi Everyone,

I am working on MDEK1001 and I need to vary the refresh rate. I saw this command aurs in the MDEK1001. However, I do not know how to change it and what values can I enter ?

Anyone can give me example?

Also, I have attached the output of my puttty screenshot. The results are so bad cause sometimes the ranging and estimation dissapears. I dont have any idea about it. I guess its because of the high refresh rate or high data rate 850kbps ?

Anyone has any idea about it?


The Shell commands are defined in the DWM1001-API-Guide.
And yes, the document could be clearer in its definitions.

dwm> aurs
Usage aurs
dwm> aurs 10 20
err code: 0

Decoded - set the update rate to 10Hz and the stationary update rate to 20Hz

DWM1001 uses 6.8Mbps rate only.

Can you explain in a little more detail the screenshot and what exactly is going wrong?


Hi Ken;
Thanks for reply. As you see in the picture the are some empty places in the middle. the ranging or sometimes position estimation misses and I do not know why?
Do you have any idea?

Decoded - set the update rate to 10x 100ms (1Hz) and the stationary update rate to 20x 100ms (0.5Hz)


Thank you. What does it mean by Update rate and stationary update rate?