Set Anchor Position through Tag

Hello All,

I am using an Arduino to get its position from a DWM1001 tag via UART connection. The tag’s position is sent to the arduino, which is then sent to my PC via serial connection (USB cable).

I was wondering if there was some way to set the anchors’ positions using shell mode in the tag itself? I know you can set the anchor’s position using the “aps” command in shell mode as well as setting the position via the Bluetooth using the DRTLS program. However I was hoping to set the anchors’ positions using the tag. Has anyone tried this?

Hi Devin,

It is not possible to configure anchors from tags.

Anchors configuration can be performed:

  • Directly on the anchor itself over spi/uart
  • Over ble with the drtls application
  • From the web manager application (it requires a gateway within the system)

Hope it help,

PANS2.0 firmware does not have this feature. however, you can send IoT messages and interpret them to reconfigure the position of the anchors.