Serger not downloading to DWM3001CDK correctly

Having strange problems download firmware to DWM3001CDK.
A normal download to the DWM3001CDK takes 2.5 seconds. But now downloads take 0.2 secs and of course no working code is installed. This is happening with the same built file that previously downloaded fine, even on the same board. Also, I have 4 boards now that either won’t connect to jlink or will download fine but don’t work. any clues?

Hello @robogo ,
Are you by any chance using a virtual machine? I’ve had a similar case when trying to connect using JLINK, but it would not detect the connection.

No VM.

This I my bad. Apparently, jlink checks to see if image is the same as what on the bard and does download same code.

If fond this out by trying to flash on Ubuntu which display message. Mac version doe display that message.

As for not connecting. I think I am somehow frying the Jlink chip or that they are just faulty boards.

This issue is back on the table.

I am having trouble programing 3 DWM3001CDKs sent from another company on this project.

I have been perform blink firmware updated on the Qorvo boards when prompted.

When I look at the DWM3001CDK

I meant jlink. THe boards can be programmed with the new 3.1 QANI SDK nut not the previous SDK.