Sensor data from tag to host


I’m new to the Decawave devices.

I’m in the process of selecting hardware for a new design. The application requires real time location but also needs raw acceleration and other sensor data, which I plan to make custom hardware for.

I’ve tried to locate something in the threads or datasheets that explains the correct way to get sensor data (accelerometer data from DWM1001 or from custom h/w) from a tag to the host without much success.

Can anyone help, please?



Can you give more detail about the software you’re aiming to use ? Is it a fully custom software built on DW1000 or the PANS software for DWM1001 ?

Thank you,

Thanks the for the reply, Yves.

I plan on using the DWM1001 hardware. T
he custom software will be built using provided firmware APIs if possible but may necessitate the addition of a microcontroller.

The DWM1001 Firmware API Guide states “on-board user application through C code API cannot make use of the external interfaces”. I can however can use external APIs to access SPI, in which case I would add a micro to connect to the DWM1001 as SPI master. I this case I can control the data sent to the DWM1001 with ease. The question is, how do I or can I even get this data from a tag back to the network host?

Please forgive my understanding the DWM workings if my comments are not accurate, still learning about these devices.



I am stuck with the same question on how to send the sensor data using PANs software.
As discussed here, it is possible to send custom data with the implementation of Gateways(FW2).

According to the system overview Figure 2, sensor data are sent from tag to the Bridge node(gateway) via Routing Anchor Nodes. (I attached the picture)
Can someone please tell me how this is done in detail please?