Sending the location to Gateway

Hi, im having some trouble to send the Location to the server:

2019-05-10 18:35:06,966  INFO --- MqttFX ClientModel             : messageArrived() with topic: dwm/node/5a81/uplink/status
2019-05-10 18:35:06,967  INFO --- MqttFX ClientModel             : messageArrived() added: message #29 to topic 'dwm/node/5a81/uplink/status'
2019-05-10 18:35:45,109  INFO --- MqttFX ClientModel             : rebuildMessagesList()
2019-05-10 18:35:45,110  INFO --- MqttFX ClientModel             : attempt to addRecentSubscriptionTopic
2019-05-10 18:35:45,110  INFO --- MqttFX ClientModel             : addRecentSubscriptionTopic : de.jensd.mqttfx.entities.Topic@3cf61553
2019-05-10 18:35:45,110  INFO --- MqttFX ClientModel             : attempt to add PublishTopic
2019-05-10 18:35:45,111  INFO --- MqttFX ClientModel             : sucessfully subscribed to topic dwm/node/5a81/uplink/location (QoS 0)
2019-05-10 18:36:46,703  INFO --- MqttFX ClientModel             : rebuildMessagesList()
2019-05-10 18:36:46,704  INFO --- MqttFX ClientModel             : rebuildMessagesList()

Im not getting the location and the status say :


If i insert an error purposely , the “present” = true. And i receive a Location (but with the error that i do)

Also i have another question , why the position need to have X.XXXXXXXX ( Number, point, 8 numbers)


What happend if i change the amount of numbers to (1Number) . (4Numbers) ? i need to change something in drtls-manager.json ?

Hi Franco,

regarding your first question: does it happen when you use the User Application with the PANS library?
What do you mean with: “If i insert an error purposely”?

Regarding the second question: yes, it is unnecessary to have a such “precision”. This is what the generic conversion library provides.

These values come from the DWM Daemon via MQTT Broker so it has nothing to do with the DRTLS Web Manager. The changes would need to be done in the DWM Daemon. You can round the number if needed.


im trying to publish a “fictitius Tag” to the Broker and see it in the Web Manager as another Tag, so i wrote by myself the message:


When i publish this, it doesnt appear in the Broker (a new publish in the broker),
but i can publish a message with a “error purposely”, like this: (see that i delete the " of superFrameNumber


EDIT: maybe its hard to understand but a easy way to do it is: I can send any message except the First Message that i show you.


Hi Franco,

ok, so you are doing some simulation of Tags by publishing uplink data to the Broker.
I have tried to send both messages (with/without the ") using mosquitto_sub/mosquitto_pub and it works:

$ mosquitto_pub -t ‘dwm/abcd/uplink/location’ -m ‘{“position”:{“x”:2.39000000,”y”:4.18000000,”z”:0.3000000,”quality”:99},superFrameNumber:999}"’
$ mosquitto_pub -t ‘dwm/abcd/uplink/location’ -m ‘{“position”:{“x”:2.39000000,”y”:4.18000000,”z”:0.3000000,”quality”:99},“superFrameNumber”:999}"’
$ mosquitto_pub -t ‘dwm/abcd/uplink/location’ -m ‘{“position”:{“x”:2.39000000,”y”:4.18000000,”z”:0.3000000,”quality”:99},“superFrameNumber”:999}"’

Perhaps you should check if your script/program does not process somehow the ".


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but if you send that messages, you can see a new Tag in the Web Manager (GUI) ? because thats my problem also, cant see this Fake Tag in the Web Manager

Hi Franco,

ok, I see now what you try to do. If you want to simulate the Tags to display them on the Web Manager then ensure the status and configuration are delivered also to the MQTT Broker.

Try to subscribe to all topics of a working system and you will see all data types necessary to publish for the Fake Tags.