Sending extra data with frame?


Before writing my problems here, if I miswrite here, please excuse me.

I am new about this sector and I am working by v8.1 (by virtualbox version) and I have little questions that i could not figure out in documents.

Can i send extra data by data exchange which is between anchors and tags ?
(i mean when tag sends its location, can i add add/send extra different byte to it ?)

and my second question is routing anchor.

How can i adjust an anchor as a routing anchor ?

thanks in advance.

Hi Hasan,

We have release a new version of PANS which supports uplink and downlink data from/to tag/anchors to/from gateway.

Please have a look at DWM1001 PANS Release 2

In particular the Gateway Quick Deployment guide will help you setting up gateway and enable downlink/uplink data.

The concept of routing anchor was not preserved in the final architecture.


Hi @Yves_Bernard,

I hope I could find in it that I am looking for.

Thank you for your help.