Sending distance from tag to anchor

i am looking for a way to send the measured distance from Tag back to Main Anchor(Initirator).

i am currently running the API example successfully and it works like intended, i also tested it with Decawave android application and saw my position, works fine. But its not what i am looking for.

i would like your help to understand how can i add a feature of returning the measured distance/ position of the Tag to the main anchor.
thank you,

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Hi @wowpro7
the PANS firmware does not support this feature. You can send it to some application via Gateway and then back to Anchors but it will take a long time to deliver the position.


then 2 questions:

  1. in 2018 someone from support mentioned that the upcoming version of the example will include this feature, anything moved from then? any new versions hiding in company’s git?

  2. how can i send to gate way from tag if the tag doesnt give me access to its api code? is all closed, maybe i am missing something? can you direct me?