Sending a message from a tag

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I am developing a project in which I use the dwm1001 boards to obtain the distances between all the nodes of the network. The position doesn’t interest me.

The point is that when the tag has the distance at which it is from the rest of the nodes, I would like to send a message through uwb to the rest of the nodes to warn them that this event has occurred. This is possible? And if so, how should it be done? I have tried using the dwm_usr_data_write function and the other nodes on the network do not seem to react. (Use the dwm_evt_listener_register function so that when someone sends a message the event occurs)

If someone could help me I would be very grateful.

I leave here the repository where I have the code

Hey there!
Yes it is possible.
But you have to “format” the messages, chaging the size and the data you want to send. The same way you send messages to run the protocol to measure the distance, you can send messages and not use them for that calculation or even on the messages you use for that calculation, you can send some data within. As always, all comes with pro’s and con’s. You have to choose and test and measure the impact.

. As always, all have their pro’s and con’s. You have to choose and test and analyse the impact.

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Hi ruigomes,

Thanks for the help :slight_smile: .

Finally I found a way to send messages like a “ninja” xD. If you are interested in the subject, I will leave you the post in this forum where i post the repo where I have the code.

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