Send specific data from Anchor to Tag

Is there a way to send specific data from Anchor to Tag ? In the docs i see you must configure a DEV1001C as bridge to receive IoT data. But when i set it as a bridge over shell and after that a tag sends data with command uui i cant see it in the bridge node.
Is there a other way ? @AndyA @Yves_Bernard @leapslabs

I can’t help you with PANS specific questions, I’ve never used it.
@leapslabs is the one to ask for that sort of thing.

Hi @srdjan.milosavljevic
no you cant directly send data between nodes. You need to setup bridge with RPi which contains software provided by Qorvo. This software grab data from BN via SPI and push them into the MQTT broker. You need to write your own SW which will pick up the data from MQTT broker and push them back to MQTT as a data packet for the node.


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