Send multiple msg with ss_twr Example

Hi, im using ss_twr example. Im trying to understand how can i send from multiple “ss_init” (Initiator Node) to one “ss_resp” (Resp Node) without collision between them (do a TDMA as PANS do).

Can someone help me with some app notes or examples?

Hi Franco,

this document provides some basic information of how it has been done:

Might I ask what would be your reason to develop something similar? If you want to create a small scale system then it’s doable in short time. If our goal is to develop a large scale system with moderate power consumption based on TWR then I can say that is very complex. It took us a lot of time to develop PANS. I do not know about any similar system existing on the market. Most are TDOA or low performance and small scale TWR.

Good luck anyway with your development!


im trying to do a small scale TDoA sistem, i wrote some post about “is not posible” because i with the DWM1001-dev you dont have ethernet or usb , but i can use a RPi in every Anchor.

I need to use not too much Nodes so thats why i need the TDoA sistem instead TWR, but is true, its very complex.