Selection of anchors for locationing(DWM1001)

When one tag is placed in LOS with 8 anchors(Enclosing a rectangular area) the tags selects a combination of 4 anchors at certain instances where one or more anchors are not the ones closer to it.What are the Criteria that need to be meet for anchor selection?What are the criteria for not selecting an anchor for positioning.

Hi Jibin,

The tags will range to the closest anchors to its last known position, trying to get an anchor in each quadrant around the itself. For the first TWR, the tag assumes the origin to be its position.

For me detail please refer to section 4.8 which is well documented below :

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Hi Yves Bernard,

We noticed a very frequent switching of anchors at the tag side while positioning even while the tags were stationary and in LOS.

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