Segger embedded studio setup for DWM1001

I am new to dwm1001 and the example whatever they provided not compiling in segger can someone guide me how to setup segger for dwm1001 project

I’m new to the dmw1001 module as well, got it a few days ago but after extensive research and trying different things I found 3 important aspects you need to make you’ve done right (I’m on a Mac)

  1. Make sure you get the right versions of the programs in the toolchain description.

  2. Make sure your dwm-simple and GNU library are located in a directory where the path doesn’t have any spaces, if does replace with something like an underscore
    for example: if you have it in /documents/DMW1000 Module/dwm… replace it to /documents/DMW1000_Module/dwm

  3. And finally compiler might be giving you the ‘missing DWM.o’ error, as I’ve learned from other threads it has to do with the compiler not recognising the writing format. Thus you have to right click on project within Segger -> options -> code -> link command ->
    edit the string where you have *.o to $(SolutionName).o