Security related questions

I have couple scenarios in mind arising some security-related questions, and I would be glad if someone could provide clarifications there.

  1. What happens if Node A polls Node B, but there are in fact two Node B’s (sharing by accident the same ID) in the neighborhood? Would both likely respond? Is the way to ensure authenticity here, an exhange of keys and the usage of the STS format?

  2. In case there are no shared keys implemented, can some UWB node sniff a poll towards another node, and respond pretending he is the other node?
    Practically, are the Qorvos able to detect polls towards other nodes?

It is up to you, i.e. developer to solve those topics!
Qorvo is producing an excellent transceiver which we can configure with a great flexibility.

But. Questions like “what if …” - are out of the scope of transceiver operation.

That where Standards exists and try to solve those questions.
DW1000 was a transceiver based on 802.15.4A standard. And your questions are very valid for DW1000.

What has happened next? Gurus many years ago identified some of those vilnerabilitiesand did a 802.15.4Z in 2020.

Now we have DW3000 / QM33 devices.
But 802.15.4Z did not say any about higher level keys synchronization.

If you heard FiRa - this standard describes how-to do rotation of keys, how to encrypt payload etc, all what is missing in 802.15.4z
And also FiRa guarantee interoperability in between different chips.