Scale TREK 1000

I want to scale the TREK 1000 to a large system. After reading the APS016, I would like to use the method: periodic “blink” for the new mode and listen for a reply until it finds (or is discovered by) an RTLS that tells it what to do, assigning it a dedicated ranging slot.

Well, as a newbie to UWB. I am struggling with the design for couples of weeks:

  1. how to organize the scheduling plan for a large system like with 20-100 anchors
  2. how to manage the response to one tag discovery “blink”: which anchors should response, which slots should be assigned in the response?

This can be a really large question of system design. Any experience sharing or hints are welcome.

Thanks a lot in advance. :-/

Adding more anchors to the current max of 4 in TREK Is not straight forward.
In general, TREK protocol is limited in what it does. It is meant for evaluation of GEO Fencing, Tracking and navigation. and so it cannot be changed very easily. E.g. tags range /polls to 4 anchors, this is fixed. All anchor addresses are fixed. Adding more than 8 tags can be done with some code manipulation (changing number of slots and superframe timings), however adding more anchors needs a redesign the system’s TWR protocol.
You have the TREK source code , so have a look at the code , but start with the source code guide.

We have been aware of TREKs limitations and it if for that reason we released the MDEK1001 some time ago.


Hi DecaLeo,

thanks for your reply. I get it. So, there is no TWR scalable solution besides the MDEK1001.