Savepowers for EPC Parts

I’m trying to get the losses for an EPC part, EPC2304.
I’m using the “savepowers” options, which works for other devices but not for the EPC2304 part I got off of their website. I created the EPC2304 from the LTSpice file, but
there is no P(X1) available after i run the simulation, I’m thinking that something is missing in the model to generate the power. So, I tried to recreate the model using the Pspice file they have, however that model does not work in Qspice for me.

EPC2304.qsym (3.7 KB)

Fix Freq Buck Sync.qsch (59.1 KB)

EPC2304_Pspice.qsym (3.0 KB)

I believe savepowers isn’t implemented for subcircuits. So you’d have to implement your own MOSFET model for it.