Safety standards for RTLS units

Where can I find details about safety of use of the RTLS as an anchor or a tag. Does it have the same standards as Samsung Tags and Apple Air Tags?


Do you mean the regulatory approvals to FCC / IC / EU standards? These aren’t specifically safety standards, they are more to prevent interference with other devices.

The parts sold by Qorvo are sold either as components or technology demonstrations / evaluation kits not as final products. As such they do not have full approvals and the person producing the end product is required to gain all applicable certifications.

The DWM1001C module when running the PANS software has modular approvals as a radio transmitter. All other devices / configurations require you to gain your own intentional transmitter approvals. This is a fairly complex and expensive set of tests.

All products sold either with the DWM1001C or using other parts will require the generic emissions / immunity tests that is required for any electronic product.