RXPACC Adjustments by SFD code


I am using all the required configurations so that I have Standard Short (8-symbol) SFD. I need to adjust the RXPACC value by SFD. In Table 18 in the user manual of dw1000, the sequence for this case is written as “0+0-+00-”.

My question is if this sequence is just an example and my sequence in my program may be different or if I am using all the configurations for Standard Short (8-symbol) (standard IEEE 8-symbol SFD) then the SFD sequence is the same as “0+0-+00-” and I can use “-5” as my adjustment value?

Thanks for your help in advance

Hi Shayan,

The Standard Short SFD sequence from Table 8 is defined by IEEE 802.15.4.

If you’re configuring for Standard Short SFD, then you can indeed use -5 as adjustment value.

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