RX during delayed TX


is it possible to be in RX state, while delayed TX was already started? In user manual is written:

"In performing a delayed transmission, the DW1000 calculates an internal start time for when to begin

sending the preamble to make the RMARKER raw timestamp agree with the programmed transmit time.
The [color=#ff3333]DW1000 remains in idle state[/color] until the system time ([color=#0000ff]Register file: 0x06 – System Time Counter[/color]) reaches
the correct point to turn on the transmitter and begin preamble."

According to this affirmation, it could be possible. But what in practice? I have some problems with this. I use it as follows:

First anchor response starts the delayed TX, then I switch to RX waiting for two others anch. resp. (which are unfortunately not received). Delayed transmit is done as expected, but receiving while waiting for delayed TX is a problem.

Thank you

No. DW1000 can be either in TX or RX, (or IDLE or SLEEP)

When using delayed TX, the DW1000 is in IDLE until it is required to TX.