RTLS with DWM1001C


I’d need to make a system that can track dozens of tags in a 50 x 30 meter open area.
It seems that UWB could be a good solution for that.

DWM1001C module would seem to be small enough to be a tag and if I understand correctly can also be used as an anchor.

What else is needed besides the power supply (battery) to build a small test system with these modules?

The DWM1001 is just what you need. The hardware and associated PANS RTLS stack allow you to easilt configure the DWM1001 to function in the Tag or Anchor role.
Beyond batteries etc you will need a Raspberry-PI setup to take all the UWB traffic via MQTT to the cloud. You mentioned an area of 50 x 30 but what is also important is the number of tags you need to track. PANS can certaily support 100’s of tags with a decent update rate.

Hi,I am now using DWM1001C module and Firmware_Image"DWM1001_PANS_R2.0.hex" it works well, so I want separate DWM1001C use NRF52832 and IC-DW1000, I want add PA and LNA,between the antenna and the DW1000
I found in “APS004_Increasing-the-Range-of-DW1000-Using-LNA_v1.6” and “APS009_Operating-the-DW1000-under-LAES-regulations_v1.4” ,when use PA and LNA,some GPIO and some Register must be use to control the DW1000
So how can I use DWM1001_PANS_R2.0-API to control it?
Thanks a lot

Peter Sun

Hi Peter,
This is not really supported by PANS. You could use the Nordic GPIO to control the LNA and PA. Note also the certification for FCC/ETSI would be voided if you change the RF settings by adding a PA.

Hi Ken,
Thanks a lot,I know DW1000 Auto-Control LNA&PA switch PIN when DW1000 TX and RX, but Nordic How to know exactly DW1000 TX and RX to Control LNA&PA switch PIN accurately?

Hi Kenneth,
I’d need to make a RTLS system for tracking devices as well. But in my system I don’t need an online and completely active system in exact times. I just want to tracking devices on an embedded system then I will send the data later when is I charging my card. Do I have to use 2 or much more DWM1001 modules for my devices or can I use mini tags (like passive RFID stickers) for my devices and just one DWM1001 for receiving ?
Thanks for comments.

Sezer Donmez