Rtls web manager

hi ,
has anyone used header pin with raspberry pi as a gataway with a node bridge unit to see result of a network on the web manager.
if so could u display some pictures of the web manager in real time with the network.
also could u display a screenshot of the uart mode using minicom.
and finally explain the steps to establish this (meaning seeing results of the network in the rtls web manager)


The DWM1001 + RPI is something like this:

The webmanager looks like this:

If you go through the below document, there is detailed description of how this works.


The above package is downloadable from https://www.decawave.com/dwm1001-dw10001-dev-and-mdek1001-documents-source-code-android-application-firmware-image


thxs for ur answer and the pictures i followed that document word per word, and still got nothing , even the 2Host_tag example on uart connection sends error msg / CONFIGURATION FAILED

what’s the problem?