RTLS TDoA Data Transfer

/* 12 octets for Minimum IEEE ID blink /
typedef struct
uint8 frameCtrl; // frame control bytes 00
uint8 seqNum; // sequence_number 01
uint8 tagID[EUI64_ADDR_SIZE]; // 02-09 64 bit addresses
10-11 we allow space for the CRC as it is logically part of the
message. However DW1000 TX calculates and adds these bytes */
uint8 fcs[2] ;
} iso_IEEE_EUI64_blink_msg ;

The Above code is blink message structure …here the payload is zero ie the additional data like imu is not included. i want transfer imu data then how to enlarge packet and what is the format for the blink message … plz help

TTK1000 also should support extended ISO blink, you also can add support of your own Blink. What is the problem here?