RTLS system based only on DWM1004C


It is possible to develop a Real Time Locating System using some DWM1004C modules as anchors and some as tags?

I understand that DWM1004C can be used as a tag in RTLS systems based on TDoA/TWR, but I am wondering if I could use this module as a anchor. I think that I should write a TDoA/TWR Anchor source code starting from provided Tag source code. I’m wrong? Or it implies challenges which I don’t see at this moment?

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Hi Martin,
It would be challenging, as dwm1004 has an MCU with not much memory both RAM and FLASH. That why Decawave has chosen MDEK1000 using dwm1001 modules. NRF52 has 8 times more Flash & RAM size than mcu in dwm1004.

However, everything is possible. You need to start from defining of requirements, as on my experience once you would start defining “features”, the project complexity rises exponentially.

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Hi alliv,

Thanks for your clear response.
I just looked on DWM1001C module, and it seems to be more suited for my project.

Later edit:
I want to build own solution of a RTLS as an academic student diploma project. I understand that UWB is the most accurate solution. But I am in doubt about what decawave module to choose:

  • DWM1000: it could be a solution, but I need to add a MCU
  • DWM1004C: I think it is a more comfortable solution, considering that this module has a MCU and a motion sensor (which I think it can be very useful). I was in doubt if this module can be used, also, as anchor, but I understand that is possible, with little effort.
  • DWM1001C: It seems to be the best solution, considering the presence of a more powerful MCU and the presence of BLE. But, it comes with the pre-loaded PANS firmware and this seems to do all the job for me.

Can you give me any advice/suggestions?

If you are planning to write your own firmware, then the preloaded to the dwm1001 fw will be erased, i do not see issues here.

There are a number of projects on the github of different readiness and complexity which targeted dwm1001, maybe that can be a starting point?
I think searching “api examples dwm1001” would help you get familiar with simple point-to-point TWR. Also you can take a look to TREK-1000 as to a simple TWR based RTLS and port it to dwm1001 HW…

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I understand. It is more clear for me now.
Thanks you @alliv

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