RTLS_DATA_TAGPOSITION - Data Message Convertion

Hello Everyone.

Does anybody knows how to convert the data message from RTLS_DATA_TAGPOSITION from the RTLS API TTK1000.

Please find attached some images from the rtls_Controller_api.pdf

From the the next data you can see the information that I obtain from my recent test.
I need to know how to the obtain X,Y,Z data in length units.

Data String Received from LE32.exe: eâ×õ”T(@fo‚hÈ@’ôÃÊÞ
Data Converted to Hex: 65e2d7f58d3f542849666f3f68c840813ff4c3cade
From the Field Definitions Table(RTLS_FIELD_DEFINITIONS Data.png).
FnCe = 65
X = ?
Y= ?
Z = ?
Tag ID = decac3f43f


Your data is strange…
where are #Anch and list of Anchors?
what is the version of the CLE used?

X = 0x8df5d7e2 -> this is Hex representation of a Float number, but number looks as in another Galaxy (-1.51512626606299647210911872246e-30)
Tag = de ca c3 f4 3f 81 40 c8

Also, maybe it worth to ask the support, you have # of hours included into your license.